[Pkg-postgresql-public] [Pkg-mediawiki-devel] Bug#472987: mediawiki: Dependency not correct for usage with postgresql

Marc Dequènes mdequenes at proformatique.com
Fri Mar 28 13:50:50 UTC 2008


Romain Beauxis <toots at rastageeks.org> writes:

> Would a dependency on postgresql-contrib be sufficent ? Also, it makes the 
> whole thing a bit more complicated, since it's a logical constraint of the 
> type: mysql OR (postgresq AND postgresql-contrib) so I might have to add a 
> dummy package for that...

It would not because tsearch2 is a bit difficult to install (you need to
add special tables and functions, and to initialize indexes). It should
be easier in 8.3, as it is now included in the main program. Moreover,
on my MW installation with PG, i noticed MW is not inserting new data
with the proper special index info, so searching new material is not
working ; a special manipulation is needed regulary, but this is only
mere workaround:
  UPDATE pagecontent SET textvector = NULL;
  UPDATE page SET titlevector = NULL;
  UPDATE pagecontent SET textvector = to_tsvector('default',old_text)
  WHERE old_id IN (SELECT rev_text_id FROM revision, page WHERE
  rev_id=page_latest AND page_is_redirect=0 );
  UPDATE page SET titlevector = to_tsvector('default',page_title) WHERE
and you can then improve search speed with:
  REINDEX INDEX ts2_page_text;
  REINDEX INDEX ts2_page_title;
but fact is the condition on old_id is not working well, so you can just
drop it, but you may find older versions of the documents in a
search. So, this is work in progress for me, and we need to write a
proper patch for MW before looking for a way to have it installed

Marc Dequènes
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