[Pkg-postgresql-public] postgresql 8.2 packaging

Gerfried Fuchs rhonda at deb.at
Sat Feb 28 19:31:32 UTC 2009


* Markus Wanner <markus at bluegap.ch> [2009-02-26 17:42:11 CET]:
> Besides, there's the upgrading problem: 8.1 has been shipped with etch,
> but is no longer provided with lenny. After an upgrade, you are bound to
> the 8.1.x version you have and you will miss all upstream bug- and
> security-fixes.

 This is what I wanted to raise, too. For a cleaner upgrade path I would
suggest that for whatever version we want to have as default in squeeze
release we also should have 8.3 still around at that time so that
someone can do an upgrade to squeeze, install the new (propably 8.5?)
packages and do the pg_upgradecluster.

 Additionally, to have people and applications do the upgrade anyway and
not stick with the old version having the old version drop the -dev
package should do the trick (I'm not sure but I think that was done
during lenny development cycle already?).

 That way I think the additional work shouldn't explode and not be too
much to be able to bear it, but on the other hand be of great benefit
for our users. And yes, I'm very much willing to do my share for that
approach, too.

> The Postgres project doesn't currently have a solution to the upgrade
> problem (and instead offers pretty good long term support). So people
> often use these well maintained major versions. Debian shouldn't prevent
> users from doing it that way, IMO.

 Please don't start the same discussions over and over again. Debian
doesn't prevent users from doing it that way at all, as you are the best
example for that.

> I do not understand why Debian ignores that major advantage by
> shipping just one Postgres version.

 I do not understand why you ignore the fact that it was pointed out to
you several times before, discussing the same thing over and over again
without any additional informations doesn't change much, sorry. This is
getting annoying.

 So long,

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