[Pkg-postgresql-public] First post

Rodolphe Quiedeville rodolphe at quiedeville.org
Thu Oct 8 18:38:43 UTC 2009

Michael Shuler a écrit :
> On 10/07/2009 02:58 PM, Rodolphe Quiedeville wrote:
>> my goal is to try to package correctly pgpool2,
> Excellent - I have been maintaining current pgpool2 packages internally
> for work for ~2yrs.
>> I've already mailed Peter Eisentraut and he is ok to leave me package
>> pgpool2.
> Thank goodness.. been patiently waiting for movement, and I noticed a
> couple posts in BTS recently.  Just curious, are you going to take
> ownership of the stale ITA (#471826)?

I mailed  Andreas Putzo <andreas at putzo.net> too recently and waiting for
his answer.

> Again, please, let me know if you need any help - I'd be happy to
> provide a location to grab src packages from our builds, if you'd like.

Just a question pgpool2 is in 2.1 version in mentors [1] do you know why
it was never include in SID ?



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