[Pkg-postgresql-public] pgpool2 debian package

Andreas Putzo andreas at putzo.net
Sun Oct 18 15:59:18 UTC 2009

Hi Rodolphe,

sorry for the late response.

On Oct 12  17:15, Rodolphe Quiedeville wrote:
> As I mailed it to you some days ago I work on the pgpool2 packaging for
> debian. My goal is to package the 2.2.5 version. I saw you worked on the
> 2.1 version but your package was still in mentors and never included.
> I uploaded a bad package I removed, so your package disappears, I
> apologize about that.
> I didn't upload anything yet and before to do it I wanted to be clear
> with you.
> As soon I'll have commit rights on the svn I'll commit my changes on
> pkg-postgresql, before that please see below the Changelog I propose.
> Please be sure that I don't want to hijack your package, if you're still
> involved to maintain pgpool2 I won't upload anything.
> Please let me know your objective.

Please go ahead. I prepared the package quite some time ago but somehow
failed to find a sponsor for the package. If you are willing to
comaintain the package it would be nice if you would keep me among
Uploaders for now. I'm still interested in maintaining the package if my time
permit. If you rather hijack the package, that's of course also fine
with me, given my (non-) activity lately.


> PS : if my grammar is not appropriate, please do not be hurt,
> I'm french :-)

Same here. I'm german :)

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