[Pkg-postgresql-public] Dropping postgresql 8.3 for squeeze

Dimitri Fontaine dfontaine at hi-media.com
Sat Jan 2 20:18:35 UTC 2010

Roger Leigh <rleigh at codelibre.net> writes:
> I'll adopt whatever the consensus is once agreed upon in my
> postgresql-debversion package.  I can also put in conditionals

Good news, welcome aboard!

> to make it build with older versions again, but I'd like a
> pointer to an example to see what's needed to conditionally
> build < 8.4.

That depends a lot on what features of 8.4 you're specifically talking
about, but I guess the following example could help you there:


Try having a look at hstore-new or ip4r extensions, hosted on pgfoundry,
too, or get specific, either here or better on IRC:



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