[Pkg-postgresql-public] Dropping postgresql 8.3 for squeeze

Gerfried Fuchs rhonda at deb.at
Fri Jan 8 08:27:30 UTC 2010

* Dimitri Fontaine <dfontaine at hi-media.com> [2010-01-06 21:13:45 CET]:
> The idea is to avoid editing the package for a testing to stable
> migration, not to randomly build against whatever is the current major
> versions in the release you happen to be building. IOW, we're in violent
> agreement :)

 Erm, you have said that way too often in this thread to not receive a
response for it: There is *no* editing needed for a testing-to-stable
migration; otherwise it wouldn't be a migration but a rebuild. There is
also *no* editing involved in unstable-to-testing migration. The package
is taken *as is*, there is no changes done to either the binary or the
source package.

 I think you have a major misunderstanding here, or at least choose bad
wording that makes it sound that a migration of a package requires it to
get rebuilt.


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