[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#694989: postgres ($pid): /proc/$pid/oom_adj is deprecated, please use /proc/$pid/oom_score_adj instead.

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Mon Dec 3 01:23:58 UTC 2012

Package: postgresql-9.2
Version: 9.2.1-1
Severity: minor

The above kernel complaint is generated when postgres starts up.
Presumably, it would be nice to shut it up.
(Kernel is 3.6.7, i686, FWIW.)

The PID does not correspond to any running process, but is in the range:

$pid-6 ?    S     0:00 /usr/lib/postgresql/9.2/bin/postgres -D /var/lib/postgresql/9.2/main -c config_file=/etc/postgresql/9.2/main/postgresql.conf
$pid+3 ?    Ss    0:00  \_ postgres: checkpointer process                                                                                              
$pid+4 ?    Ss    0:00  \_ postgres: writer process                                                                                                    
$pid+5 ?    Ss    0:00  \_ postgres: wal writer process                                                                                                
$pid+6 ?    Ss    0:00  \_ postgres: autovacuum launcher process                                                                                       
$pid+7 ?    Ss    0:00  \_ postgres: stats collector process                                                                                           

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