[Pkg-postgresql-public] unblock: postgresql-9.1/9.1.7-1 postgresql-8.4/8.4.15-1, 8.4.15 for squeeze-updates

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Sun Dec 16 18:30:53 UTC 2012

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ten days ago, new PostgreSQL microreleases were announced:

They've been in Debian unstable and my rather popular backports PPA
for over a week now, without any regression reports in Debian, Ubuntu,
or the upstream bug list. 8.4 built on all architectures, 9.1
everywhere but armel where it apparently needs a give-back (I'll ask
on the armel buildd list for this).

For unstable, 8.4's upgrade to 8.4.15 is by and large a no-op, as
there are no PL/Perl related changes (It only builds a
postgresql-plperl-8.4 package these days which is required for
upgrades from Squeeze).

9.1's upgrade includes a simple build system patch which fixes build
with Python 3.3. This is not relevant for testing (it does not have
any effect there), but important if you want to build it in
experimental. Debdiff attached.

For stable, the corresponding 8.4.15 update is on


together with a full debdiff. I asked about this on -release@ but
didn't get a response there, so I'll try again here.

All packages pass the upstream testsuite (runs during package build),
and the postgresql-common integration test suite.

Please note that this updates from 8.4.13 to 8.4.15. I prepared an
8.4.14 update in October, but my request [1] never got answered, and I
forgot about it so I failed to follow up on this. I moved that version
aside to [2] in case it's still relevant for anyone.

OK to upload 8.4.15 for stable?

Thanks for considering,


[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2012/10/msg00003.html
[2] http://people.debian.org/~mpitt/psql/squeeze-8.4.14

unblock postgresql-8.4/8.4.15-1
unblock postgresql-9.1/9.1.7-1

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