[Pkg-postgresql-public] pg_bulkload package sponsorship

Dimitri Fontaine dim at tapoueh.org
Tue May 29 19:38:07 UTC 2012


Alexander <acca at cpan.org> writes:
> recently I had to populate a 15bln rows table in PostgreSQL and was
> unable to find a high-speed data uploader available in Debian
> distribution.
> There is a very effective pg_bulkload
> (http://pgbulkload.projects.postgresql.org/), which let me to reach
> ~150,000 rows per second (50GB/hr) in PostgreSQL 8.4 at Dell T410 with
> SATA drives.
> Unfortunately pg_bulkload is distributed in RPM only.
> For our company own use I have created the package and would like to
> make it available in Debian. As I am not a Debian Maintainer, would
> you be the sponsor for such submission?

Unfortunately I'm not a debian developer either, so I'm only going to
add the PostgreSQL debian packaging team in copy so that some people
there can see about it. Have a look at:



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