[Pkg-postgresql-public] pg_bulkload package sponsorship

Dimitri Fontaine dim at tapoueh.org
Wed May 30 13:35:08 UTC 2012

Alexander <acca at cpan.org> writes:
> I have temporarily put it at http://acca.it.cx/~assa/pgbulkload/, it
> is configured for PostgreSQL 8.4
> TBD (work in progress):
>    - switch to pg_buildext to produce entire set of packages for 8.4,
> 9.0, 9.1, etc.


>    - add an automatic installer for SQL functions in databases

In 9.1 that's called an extension, please review other packages doing
the same thing, I've been giving you the SVN URL so that you can quickly
get at them.

>    - make a virtual package to install a version matching the
> server/client installed

Beware that some production installations will have several versions
installed side by side, with several clusters or at least databases in
each, so that you can not decide in which database to deploy the
extension from your OS level package.


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