[Pkg-postgresql-public] strange hot_standby behaviour

pfote pfote at ypsilon.net
Mon Oct 1 07:25:49 UTC 2012


I had a very strange effect on the weekend that smells like a bug, so 
i'd like so share it.

machine A: 16 CPU Cores (modern), 128GB RAM, nice 6-drive SAS Raid-10
machines B, C: 8 Cores (substantially older than A), 48GB Ram, some scsi 
Raid, substantially slower than A

The workload is about 80% - 90% SELECTs with heavy sorting and grouping, 
the remaining are INSERTs/UPDATEs/DELETEs.
So In the original setup A  is the master, B and C are hot standby's 
that process some of the SELECTs, but by far the most processing is done 
on the master (A). pg version is 9.0.6. CPU utilization is about 80% on 
the master and between 90-100% in the standby's, so it's decided to 
upgrade to the latest 9.2 to profit from the latest performance 

So B gets upgraded to 9.2.1-1.pgdg60+1 and becomes master, then A 
becomes a hot_standby slave that takes all the SELECTs (and C becomes 
another hot_standby). In the beginning everything works as expected, CPU 
utilization drops from 80% to about 50-60%, selects run faster, 
everything looks smoother (some queries drop from >5s to <1s due to 9.2s 
index-only-scan feature). Its friday, everyone is happy.

About 16 hours later, saturday morning around 6:00, A suddenly goes wild 
and has a CPU utilization of 100% without a change in the workload, out 
of the blue. Queries that used to take <1s suddenly take 5-10s, "explain 
analyze" plans of these queries havn't change a bit though. Switching 
the workload off causes the server to become idle. (while I'm writing 
this I realize we haven't tried to restart A). Instead, $boss decides to 
twitch back to the original setup, so B gets dropped, A becomes master 
and gets 100% of the workload (all SELECTs/INSERTs/UPDATEs/DELETEs), and 
everything becomes just like friday, CPU usage drops to 50-60%, 
everything runs smothly.

I'm not sure yet if this is replication related or a 9.2.1 problem. Any 

Andreas Pfotenhauer
Ypsilon.NET AG

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