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Wed Oct 3 20:44:53 UTC 2012

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Hello release team,

Since the freeze I have uploaded some postgresql-common releases to
experimental. While these work perfectly well on Wheezy, they have
changes which are not strictly required for Wheezy, so I don't want to
strain your patience too much and instead created a Wheezy branch and
just backported a few simple and safe changes which I'd like to see in
the next stable.

|  * debian/control: Switch Vcs-Bzr: to wheezy branch.

Administrative only.

|  * pg_ctlcluster: Fix log output to stderr if the log file started out being
|    empty. Cherry-picked from trunk r1204.

Without this, pg_ctlcluster reports no startup failure the first time
you try to start a cluster (or the log file gets rotated away). This
is covered by tests in experimental, but I didn't backport the tests
as they depend on some earlier structural changes in t/030_errors.t.

|  * pg_buildext: Fix supported-versions not to die when the last version is
|    not supported. Cherry-picked from trunk r1199.

This is a rather obvious failure/fix, and helps packagers of

|  * debian/maintscripts-functions: Only try to remove the tsearch_data
|    directory if it already exists. Thanks Peter Palfrader. Cherry-picked from
|    trunk r1211. (Closes: #688105)

This helps with removing/purging old packages such as postgresql-8.1,
if anyone still has them around. It's unlikely, but a safe and
straightforward fix.

|  * As debian/supported-versions is also used at build-time, add a
|    build-dependency on lsb-release for lsb_release to be available. Also,
|    print supported versions from debian/rules for easier debugging.
|    Cherry-picked from trunk r1206/r1207.

That's 100% obvious and regression proof. Adding the call to
supported_versions from debian/rules will make the build fail (and
thus any error obvious) when anything is wrong with the script, or
there is a missing dependency.

Thank you for considering!


unblock postgresql-common/134wheezy1

Martin Pitt                        | http://www.piware.de
Ubuntu Developer (www.ubuntu.com)  | Debian Developer  (www.debian.org)
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