[Pkg-postgresql-public] svn to git conversion: pgbouncer

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Sun Oct 7 18:08:01 UTC 2012


I've just converted pgbouncer's svn tree to git. As I always need to
google for the steps needed, I'll post here what I did, maybe it
helps. (And I can read this mail myself later again :)

* rsynced /svn/pkg-postgresql to my $HOME

* Cloned svn2git from https://github.com/nirvdrum/svn2git

* Created an authors file:

myon = Christoph Berg <myon at debian.org>

* Launched svn2git: (in the lib subdir, which wasn't very smart but

ruby -I. ../bin/svn2git file:///home/cbe/src/pkg-postgresql \
  --trunk trunk/pgbouncer \
  --tags tags/pgbouncer \
  --branches branches/pgbouncer \
  --no-minimize-url \
  --authors authors \

* Fixed the tags

The tags in the repository where attached to extra mini branches. Most
were fixable with "git tag --force 1.2.3-1 1.2.3-1^", some needed
manual tweaking to the right revision.

cb at df7cb.de | http://www.df7cb.de/
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