[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#699911: Bug#699911: postgresql-common: init.d start script quits if a pg cluster cannot be started so clusters after this pg cluster will also not start

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Thu Feb 7 09:15:34 UTC 2013

Re: Frank Baalbergen 2013-02-06 <51128026.7080203 at mendix.com>
> To test this, i changed the unix_socket_directory of the postgresql
> 9.0 cluster (second cluster).
> -unix_socket_directory = '/var/run/postgresql'          # (change
> requires restart)
> +unix_socket_directory = '/var/run/postgresql-thisdoesnotexist' #
> (change requires restart)

Actually that part should be fixed, too. (I ran into that yesterday
myself. We have 2 clusters on the same machine both using 5432, but
in different /var/run/postgresql/* directories, listening on different

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