[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#706849: Bug#706849: libpq5: enable multi-arch

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Tue May 7 05:25:48 UTC 2013

Re: Martin Pitt 2013-05-06 <20130507050407.GE2875 at piware.de>
> Christoph Berg [2013-05-05 22:51 -0700]:
> > (And if we do this, I need to find a way how to auto-revert this for
> > the squeeze suite on apt.postgresql.org...)
> That was the main reason why I didn't do that yet. I had
> multi-archification done a while ago already, but didn't apply it yet
> because this is a really intrusive change which doesn't revert easily.

Hmm, we could have a MULTIARCH=yes switch at the top of debian/rules
and then do everythink depending on that setting. Might mess up the
file more than it helps, though.

> As soon as we can stop supporting Debian squeeze and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS,
> this will be good to support, but until then it'll be a real nuisance.
> Perhaps as a compromise we can multi-archify 9.3 now and not make this
> available for older Debian/Ubuntu releases?

That will probably work, we will have 9.3 in unstable soonish anyway.
(If we can't wait, we can apply it to 9.2.)

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