[Pkg-postgresql-public] buildd path too long (postgresql-9.3 FTBFS)

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Sun May 12 19:04:39 UTC 2013

Re: Roger Leigh 2013-05-12 <20130512185111.GI21041 at codelibre.net>
> This issue has come up several times over the years.  We can shorten
> the paths a bit, but that's really just papering over the problem;
> a long version number or an NMU could push it back over the limit.
> We need a solution that will work under all circumstances, not just
> some of the time.

I don't buy that argument. While the length of unix socket paths is
limited, the problem here is really that buildd is eating almost 3/4
of that itself. If it would leave more than a 30 (= 107-77) characters
for use, packages had a real chance of building unmodified.

> The main problem here is the assumption that it's safe to create a
> socket inside the build tree; this is not the case.  I would suggest
> that upstream either create the socket in /tmp or have a variable
> like PG_BUILD_SOCKET_PATH which can be overridden to make it use
> /tmp.  This would guarantee that the path limitation would never
> be reached.

This seems like much more effort than just reducing the length of the
buildd base path.

Does the long buildd base path there have any real advantage? I don't
think people go looking *there* all the time and really want to see
"oh package X version Y arch Z" is building there now. They will most
likely have other means to get that information.

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