[Pkg-postgresql-public] buildd path too long (postgresql-9.3 FTBFS)

Andreas Barth aba at ayous.org
Sun May 12 23:10:53 UTC 2013

* Christoph Berg (myon at debian.org) [130512 03:25]:
> connection to database failed: Unix-domain socket path "/build/buildd-postgresql-9.3_9.3~beta1-1-i386-mHjRUH/postgresql-9.3-9.3~beta1/build/contrib/pg_upgrade/.s.PGSQL.50432" is too long (maximum 107 bytes)
> This is an operating system limit (sizeof(struct sockaddr_un.sun_path),
> see unix(7)), not a limitation of PostgreSQL.
> Given that only 107 bytes are available for use, I think it is
> excessive if the directory used by the buildds uses 77 of that (72%).

Actually, I consider this limit a bit low - not in the domain of
either of us, but still too low for me.

Also, I think the appropriate answer would be to have the sockets be
created somewhere configurable, e.g. within /tmp (or symlink from /tmp
to build/contrib/pg_upgrade/ or whatever).

However, I also think we might try to get rid of components of the
path. This won't be able to be done in short time, but doesn't mean we
shouldn't try.

The second pkg-version could probably be replaced by b or another
one-letter name by using an appropriate string to dpkg-source.

For the first buildderuid-pkg_version-arch-random, the user seems
useful to me, especially as we have buildds with more than one user
running buildd. random is very useful, as I can still remember the
time where we didn't have it, and sometimes aborted builds due to the
directory being removed in-build. pkg_version is probably useful as
well - one might consider about shortening pkg to 8 characters, and
same with version or so.


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