[Pkg-postgresql-public] PostgreSQL 9.3 and unstable

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Tue May 21 03:12:42 UTC 2013

Re: Martin Pitt 2013-05-20 <20130520135407.GC2254 at piware.de>
> Hello Roger,
> Roger Leigh [2013-05-20  1:41 +0100]:
> > I've just uploaded postgresql-debversion to experimental (currently
> > in NEW) since it adds a postgresql-9.3-debversion package.  This now
> > builds extensions for 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3.

This should really be dictated by what
/usr/share/postgresql-common/supported-versions outputs. If you are
using pg_buildext, that automates a bit (if not all) of the necessary
work. It will also make it easier to support the package on

> > I was just wondering what the intention was for support of all these
> > versions in unstable and for jessie.
> Christoph and I talked about this the other day. So far the plan was
> to upload 9.3 to unstable once its release candidate is out. At this
> point we'll deprecate 9.1 from unstable, ask maintainers to update
> their extensions to 9.3, and remove 9.1 from unstable.
> I think 9.2 should never hit unstable, as it will only cause extra
> work to get rid of its reverse dependencies again.
> For Jessie I think we'll ship 9.3 or 9.4, depending on how long it
> takes this time. But as with previous Debian releases, the goal is to
> only support one major version, plus perhaps the old version's -plperl
> to faciliate upgrades.
> Does that sound ok?

Nod. Though I hope the {lib,pl}perl dance will not be necessary next
time, but who knows...

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