[Pkg-postgresql-public] New upstream of libedit + UTF8 - tested postgresql

Sylvestre Ledru sylvestre at debian.org
Thu Feb 27 08:38:57 UTC 2014

On 27/02/2014 09:36, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hey Sylvestre,
> Sylvestre Ledru [2014-02-26 19:16 +0100]:
>> You receive this email because of your package has libedit as build-dep
>> [1] (and because libedit has
>> a crazy popcon and I don't want to break all packages).
>> [...]
>> I also turned on the utf-8 support (for more information,
> Thanks for the early notification! I tested postgresql-9.3 against
> that, and it builds and works fine.
OK. Good to know
> However, trying to type any UTF-8 character into the prompt utterly
> fails, it just puts the cursor to the leftmost position and never
> shows these characters. That's not really a regression, of course, but
> I had expected this to work now.  Anyway, almost all postgresql users
> will actually use libreadline, so it's not a biggie in practice.
Oh, that is unexpected... I cannot help you here but maybe someone knows :)


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