[Pkg-postgresql-public] Processing of postgresql-9.4_9.4~beta2-1_sparc.changes

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Sun Jul 27 16:49:22 UTC 2014

Re: Debian FTP Masters 2014-07-25 <E1XAlhN-0006AW-4G at franck.debian.org>
> postgresql-9.4_9.4~beta2-1_sparc.changes uploaded successfully to localhost

Re: Debian FTP Masters 2014-07-25 <E1XAmAX-0000Hr-Ou at franck.debian.org>
> postgresql-9.4_9.4~beta2-1_s390x.changes uploaded successfully to localhost

Fwiw, postgresql-9.4 was FTBFSing on s390x and sparc. Both look like
compiler issues, not bugs in the package, and could be worked around
by manually setting -O1. RhodiumToad and andres helped a lot in
debugging this on #postgresql (and #debian-devel) last Friday

I've built these manually now so the extension modules have working

s390x dies in the isolation regression tests, the "fix" is to either
not use -fPIC, or to add -O1. (I used -O1.)

sparc dies in the numeric regression test, the "fix" is

We need to properly fix these with the next upload. Unless the
kernel/compiler doesn't get fixed/upgraded, we need to resurrect the
"sparc and alpha are miscompiling" stanza in debian/rules from 2007
that is still in there as a comment.

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