[Pkg-postgresql-public] New PostgreSQL upstream releases 8.4.22 and 9.1.14 for wheezy

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Thu Jul 31 11:13:31 UTC 2014

Hello release team,

A week ago, new PostgreSQL microreleases were announced:
This time there are no security or critical fixes, just the usual lot
of "normal" bug fixes.
They've been in Debian unstable and apt.postgresql for a week
without any regression reports in Debian, Ubuntu, or the upstream bug
list.  They just got verified in the Ubuntu stable release update,

As usual, they are on


together with a full and a filtered debdiff which ignores docs/*
(which is mostly just the version bump), *.po files, and the
sizable bison-generated output from the yacc source files, generated

  filterdiff -x '*/doc/*' -x '*.po' -x '*/timezone/*' -x '*/configure' -x '*gram.c' -x '*/preproc.[hc]' -x '*/cubeparse.c' -x '*/s
+egparse.c' -x '*/specparse.c' -x '*/bootparse.c'

The package pass the upstream testsuite (runs during package build),
and the postgresql-common integration test suite.

As usual, wheezy also has an update to postgresql-plperl-8.4 to 8.4.22 to keep
the wheezy version higher than squeeze's. There are no effective changes for
PL/Perl in 8.4.22 though.

As discussed last time on debian-release@, I already uploaded those
versions to the queue.



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