[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#754114: #754114: pgadmin3 crashes - Debug: Adding duplicate image handler for 'PNG file'

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Thu Jul 31 18:36:21 UTC 2014

Control: tag -1 confirmed

Re: Damyan Ivanov 2014-07-24 <20140724060045.30223.2052.reportbug at pc1.creditreform.bg>
> Package: pgadmin3
> Followup-For: Bug #754114
> Control: retitle -1 pgadmin3: crash in the database maintenance dialog
> Hi,
> I am able to reproduce the crash. Some times right clicking on a 
> database and selecting 'Maintenance' works as expected showing the 
> maintenance dialog, but clicking on the 'Messages' tab makes pgadmin3 
> crash. Other times it is enough to show the maintenance dialog and hover 
> the mouse around it without clicking anywhere.

Same here. Unfortunately it also happens with the new upstream version
1.20.0~beta1, so upgrading doesn't fix it.

> The «Debug: Adding duplicate image handler for 'PNG file'» message 
> appears right after pgadmin is started so perhaps it is not relevant to 
> the crash.
> Here's a backtrace from gdb with all -dbg packages installed when the 
> crash is produced by clicking on the 'Messages' tab:

I suspect something broke with the switch to wx3.0.

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