[Pkg-postgresql-public] help with postgresql authentication for gnukhata

Pirate Praveen praveen at onenetbeyond.org
Wed Jun 4 12:01:41 UTC 2014


We are packaging gnukhata (http://gnukhata.org) for debian and would
like your advice for authentication. The default installation of
postgres uses trust authentication for local postgres user. Debian
package is configured to use peer authentication for local postgres user.

I'm thinking of creating a gnukhata system user, which can connect to
postgres using peer authentication.

I can use 'adduser --system' command to create a system user and then
use 'createuser' command to create database user.

gnukhata service will be run as gnukhata user and it should use peer
authentication method to connect. Is there a command line way of adding
and removing from pg_hba.conf?

Also is there a better way of doing this setup?


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