[Pkg-postgresql-public] help with postgresql authentication for gnukhata

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Wed Jun 4 13:57:17 UTC 2014

Re: Pirate Praveen 2014-06-04 <538F0AA5.3030902 at onenetbeyond.org>
> We are packaging gnukhata (http://gnukhata.org) for debian and would
> like your advice for authentication. The default installation of
> postgres uses trust authentication for local postgres user. Debian
> package is configured to use peer authentication for local postgres user.
> I'm thinking of creating a gnukhata system user, which can connect to
> postgres using peer authentication.
> I can use 'adduser --system' command to create a system user and then
> use 'createuser' command to create database user.
> gnukhata service will be run as gnukhata user and it should use peer
> authentication method to connect. Is there a command line way of adding
> and removing from pg_hba.conf?

We don't have a programatic way yet to edit that file. Though the
default setup should just work for peer auth?

> Also is there a better way of doing this setup?

Please make sure your package is still installable if the user decides
to use a remote PostgreSQL database. (Or different auth method.)

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