[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#739276: postgresql: Put pgstat in /var/run

Christian Tacke Christian.Tacke+debian.org at mad-protection.de
Sun Mar 9 00:47:59 UTC 2014

Hi also,

On Sat, Mar 08, 2014 at 20:08:03 +0100, Christoph Berg wrote:
> > > /tmp is possibly still better than the data directory.
> > 
> > Yes, indeed. Especially on machines with a reasonable amount of
> > memory it is advisable to put /tmp/ on a tmpfs, and I guess many
> > people do that (reduces battery usage, HD
> > wakeups/wearout/fragmentation, and on servers to increase
> > performance).
> I don't think we should put stuff into /tmp by default even if mkdir()
> is safe.

As I understand it, we put the socket already there for
non-postgres / non-admin-created clusters?

> > > # Clusters created by normal users will need to change this
> > > # option in postgresql.conf, because the directory will not
> > > # be setup properly for them.
> > 
> > No, I don't believe in configuring broken defaults. Then let's rather
> > only configure this for owners which can actually write
> > /var/run/postgres/, so that the status quo is kept for clusters of
> > other owners.
> Right. I wouldn't want to put too much magic in createcluster.conf,
> but "don't set this var if the dir isn't writable" is a good plan.

We have three cases:

1. admin creates postgres-cluster
   --> Everything fine, whatever we do.

2. admin creates other-owned-cluster
   --> Also fine, because pg_ctlcluster precreates the

3. non-admin creates cluster
   --> Problems, all around.

>From a previous mail I understood, that (3) is not working
properly currently anyway. Is this correct?

If this is true, my patch makes the situation in (3) only a
little bit worse than before.  And then I'd suggest to
apply my patch now and take a note of things being a little
bit worse than before (but easy to fix for indivifual
users).  And then put brain power into fixing things for

If this is not true, and/or we do not want to make things
worse, there are two main options around:
a) Use /tmp in this case (socket dir).
   This seems a little bit better than using the data
   directory, but has its own issues.
b) Use the data dir (not setting the option at all). This
   is the works-always-default.

For implementing (b), pg_createcluster could actually try
the same install-d as pg_ctlcluster and if it fails, put a
warning and drop the option from the newly created
As my perl skills have degraded close to zero, I would hope
you guys could do this, if it's wanted.




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