[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#764705: Bug#764705: postgresql-9.4: ERROR: The database format changed between beta 2 and 3. Please dump, but how?

Thorsten Glaser t.glaser at tarent.de
Fri Oct 10 22:17:17 UTC 2014

reopen 764705

On Fri, 10 Oct 2014, Christoph Berg wrote:

> man pg_dump; man pg_dumpall

I find this an inacceptable close reason.

Yes, I did, in the meanwhile use pg_dumpall,
copied the /etc/postgresql/9.4/main directory,
pg_dropcluster, did the upgrade… manually com‐
pared /etc files against copied ones… but then…
pg_createcluster as user postgres failed, as
root worked, but it takes parameters, wants
locales, and all that.

I still do not know if the database is now
exactly as it was before.

I’ve read in the archives that you did this
before, in 9.1 times. Please invest some time
into creating a proper fix for this scenario,
one which keeps cluster-wide settings (such
as locale, encoding, etc.) and configuration
files the way they were before. (Especially
as pg_createcluster is highly dependent on
the environment it is run from.)

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