[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#760350: Bug#750557: Bug#754114: Bug#750557: pgadmin3: segmentation fault

berenger.morel at neutralite.org berenger.morel at neutralite.org
Mon Oct 27 14:43:22 UTC 2014

Le 27.10.2014 12:58, Christoph Berg a écrit :
> Version: 1.20.0~beta2-1
> Re: Damyan Ivanov 2014-10-27 <20141027112735.GB18367 at ktnx.net>
>> -=| Bogdan Vatra, 27.10.2014 12:16:16 +0200 |=-
>> > On Monday 27 October 2014 10:53:01 Christoph Berg wrote:
>> > > Re: To bmorel 2014-09-11 <20140911093144.GA7645 at msg.df7cb.de>
>> > > there's now 1.20.0~beta2-1 in unstable. Could you give that a 
>> try
>> > > again? I don't see the crash in beta2 here.
>> > >
>> > > Also, would you say this bug makes pgadmin3 unusable, or is the 
>> rest
>> > > of the functionality working just fine? I'm pondering 
>> downgrading the
>> > > severity of this bug to just "important" so we at least have a
>> > > mostly-working version of pgadmin3 in jessie.
>> >
>> > It seems the crash if fixed, I can't reproduce it anymore.
>> Same here. No crashes.
> Ok, that's even better, thanks for confirming! I'll close the bug.

Sorry, I "successfully" reproduced the bug, or at least, "a sigsegv".

I am using a stable version of Debian, but since the upgrade needed a 
more recent version of libjpeg and libjpeg-turbo, I have installed them 
(from debian package). I also have updated pgadmin3-data, of course.

Right-cliking on an entry in the menu still makes pgadmin having a 
segfault. Started from terminal:

$ pgadmin3
15:33:00: Debug: Failed to connect to session manager: SESSION_MANAGER 
environment variable not defined
15:33:01: Debug: Adding duplicate image handler for 'PNG file'
Erreur de segmentation

The 2 first messages appears at start, the "Erreur de segmentation" 
(which means segmentation fault) comes when I right click on an entry 
(even when I'm not connected) after an event made the context menu to 
stop appearing (tried to click somewhere else and to use ESC key, same 

>> I notice a small glitch that may be related. After opening the
>> database maintenance dialog, hovering over any of the checkboxes or
>> the first radio button (VACUUM) changes the mouse pointer to a nw-se
>> resizing arrow, which is not the standard resizing arrow for the
>> graphical environment (GNOME) but something else.
>> Not sure about the bug's severity. I use unstable, so I am not even
>> sure the bug still applies to the version in jessie. There was an
>> update of wx3.0 some weeks ago that may as well sbe fixing this bug.
>> Thanks for bringing beta2 to unstable,
> ... and now hopefully also to jessie :)
> Christoph

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