[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#759725: #759725: postgresql-common: non-synchronous service postgresql start/stop/reload

beuc at debian.org beuc at debian.org
Wed Apr 8 15:45:17 UTC 2015

Here's my patch:
  rm -f /lib/systemd/system/postgresql*
and fallback to init.d/.

Package worked perfectly fine until systemd was introduced in it.

Please apply.

- Sylvain

On Wed, Apr 08, 2015 at 05:30:48PM +0200, Christoph Berg wrote:
> Control: severity -1 normal
> Re: beuc at debian.org 2015-04-08 <20150408150359.GA11770 at mail.beuc.net>
> > I need to introduce "sleep 1"'s in FusionForge to work-around this
> > issue, so I believe this is not on par with Debian quality standards
> > for a release.  I'm raising the severity to "serious" accordingly.
> > 
> > For reference, this issue is not present in CentOS7, while they
> > migrated to systemd (their .service is attached).
> This is not an issue that affects typical usage so much that it breaks
> the package. I'll revert the severity accordingly.
> Fixing would be much easier if you provided a patch :)

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