[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#756627: postfix-pgsql still broken with 9.4

Antony a at parkmott.com
Fri Feb 6 03:03:33 UTC 2015

Package: postfix-pgsql 9.4 not playing so well with postfix
Version: 2.11.0
Severity: important

Dear Maintainer,

Same bug...just spent 2 days trying to get Postfix to work on a new 
install where I used pgsql 9.4. I had previously installed three 4 or 5 
successful boxes running postfix/dovecot with pgsql 9.3 so I was 
surprised I had so much trouble.

I even have a bash script that worked fine on the other machines, so I 
was completely baffled.

All the usual suspects of non-working db, wrong password, incorrect 
config files didn't help me.

Stack-exchange and server-fault don't have this particular bug discussed 
and I was at wits end until I read it! Thanks Michael Berg.

I didn't do proxy, but purged 9.4 and put on 9.3 and...works like a 
charm like the others.

Hope this helps someone as much as your thread did me.

Kind regards,

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