[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#756627: postfix-pgsql broken with libpq5 (9.4~beta2-1) now in jessie and sid

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Sat Jan 10 21:14:38 UTC 2015

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Re: Matthew Dawson 2014-12-27 <2311925.tgZUXzRVSD at ring00>
> Hi all,
> I recently was doing a test upgrade of my server and ran into this problem, 
> using a non-proxy configuration.  I investigated further, and found this only 
> occurs when cleanup's chroot is missing my host's regular /etc/passwd file.  
> Copying in the file allows postfix to continue past the cleanup process.
> I quickly edited the file to only include the root user, and now trivial-
> rewrite is failing the same way.  I'll keep investigating, but it appears 
> libpq5 wants a valid passwd file for some reason.
> I'm running on libpq5 9.4.0-1.
> PS If I was to find the root cause of this, is a patch likely to land in 
> Jessie at this point?


I've seen this postfix bug report only now that I've received
independent complaints about the problem via the PostgreSQL IRC.
I've forwarded the problem to the pgsql-hackers list and a fix is
being prepared that should hopefully appear in libpq5 9.4.1.

Thanks for the /etc/passwd hint, I was somewhat stuck in my own
debugging attempts, and this explained the problem pretty well.

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