[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#788813: [slony1-2-bin] initscript and perl tools do not agree on pidfile name

Antti Salmela asalmela at iki.fi
Mon Jun 15 09:36:36 UTC 2015

Package: slony1-2-bin
Version: 2.2.4-1
Severity: normal

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I have cluster named "replication" configured at
/etc/slony1/slon_tools.conf and
SLON_TOOLS_START_NODES="1" at /etc/default/slony1

"/etc/initt.d/slony1 start" using slon_start creates pidfile at
but /etc/init.d/slony1 status / restart / stop tries to access
/var/run/slony1/node1.pid instead.

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Antti Salmela

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