[Pkg-postgresql-public] how to get a local/minimal per-user postgresql server on debian?

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Fri Nov 11 13:07:46 UTC 2016

Re: Daniel Kahn Gillmor 2016-11-11 <87wpgafb5a.fsf at alice.fifthhorseman.net>
> Thanks for the pointers, i think this gives me enough to chew on for the
> moment.  These suggestions don't really help with minimizing the
> dependency chain, of course, but that sort of "postgresql-light" rebuild
> might not be worth the effort.

I don't think it would be. The "extra dependency" footprint of
postgresql-N.N on a typical system is often zero (e.g. libldap is
often already there anyway), and even postgresql-contrib-N.N will only
pull very few extra libraries. I'm even pondering fully merging the
contrib package into the main server package, but haven't decided yet.

Thanks for your input!

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