[Pkg-postgresql-public] solving problem

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Sun Oct 2 20:01:33 UTC 2016

Re: mohamed zangana 2016-10-02 <CAPuYUrO-OSwyh4MvOcZf8cu_VhdenRHq5uV_Ots9rFYGhfkueg at mail.gmail.com>
> Hello
> I make apgrade for my kalilinux 2016.2 and i have problem in postgresql
> server
> I delete this  file ( README.Debian.gz ) please how i can download it

There's several packages that ship a file named like that. The
directory name in /usr/share/doc/<package name here>/ will tell you
the package name. Then do:

apt-get install --reinstall this_package_name


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