[Pkg-postgresql-public] Feature proposal : knob to prevent clusters from being stopped by dpkg

Pierre Ducroquet pierre.ducroquet at people-doc.com
Wed Oct 5 11:49:02 UTC 2016


In order to ease maintenance and reduce downtimes, we would like in our 
environment to control ourselves when the postgresql clusters are shut down 
(in order to synchronize with pausing the bouncer for instance)
This is currently not possible with the debian postgresql packages, where a 
minor upgrade will shut down, upgrade and restart the cluster.
I propose the attached simple patch, adding a check on a /etc/postgresql-
common/disable-unattended-restart file. If that file is present, clusters are 
not stopped.
Would this behaviour change be acceptable ? If so, what is the proper way to 
submit a patch to the package ?


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