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Format: 1.8
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2016 12:32:34 +0200
Source: postgresql-9.6
Binary: libpq-dev libpq5 libecpg6 libecpg-dev libecpg-compat3 libpgtypes3 postgresql-9.6 postgresql-9.6-dbg postgresql-client-9.6 postgresql-server-dev-9.6 postgresql-doc-9.6 postgresql-contrib-9.6 postgresql-plperl-9.6 postgresql-plpython-9.6 postgresql-plpython3-9.6 postgresql-pltcl-9.6
Architecture: source
Version: 9.6.1-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian PostgreSQL Maintainers <pkg-postgresql-public at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Christoph Berg <myon at debian.org>
 libecpg-compat3 - older version of run-time library for ECPG programs
 libecpg-dev - development files for ECPG (Embedded PostgreSQL for C)
 libecpg6   - run-time library for ECPG programs
 libpgtypes3 - shared library libpgtypes for PostgreSQL 9.6
 libpq-dev  - header files for libpq5 (PostgreSQL library)
 libpq5     - PostgreSQL C client library
 postgresql-9.6 - object-relational SQL database, version 9.6 server
 postgresql-9.6-dbg - debug symbols for postgresql-9.6
 postgresql-client-9.6 - front-end programs for PostgreSQL 9.6
 postgresql-contrib-9.6 - additional facilities for PostgreSQL
 postgresql-doc-9.6 - documentation for the PostgreSQL database management system
 postgresql-plperl-9.6 - PL/Perl procedural language for PostgreSQL 9.6
 postgresql-plpython-9.6 - PL/Python procedural language for PostgreSQL 9.6
 postgresql-plpython3-9.6 - PL/Python 3 procedural language for PostgreSQL 9.6
 postgresql-pltcl-9.6 - PL/Tcl procedural language for PostgreSQL 9.6
 postgresql-server-dev-9.6 - development files for PostgreSQL 9.6 server-side programming
 postgresql-9.6 (9.6.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * New upstream release.
     A dump/restore is not required for those running 9.6.X.
     However, if your installation has been affected by the bugs described in
     the first two changelog entries below, then after updating you may need
     to take action to repair corrupted free space maps and/or visibility
     + Fix WAL-logging of truncation of relation free space maps and visibility
       maps (Pavan Deolasee, Heikki Linnakangas)
       It was possible for these files to not be correctly restored during
       crash recovery, or to be written incorrectly on a standby server. Bogus
       entries in a free space map could lead to attempts to access pages that
       have been truncated away from the relation itself, typically producing
       errors like could not read block XXX: read only 0 of 8192 bytes.
       Checksum failures in the visibility map are also possible, if
       checksumming is enabled.
       Procedures for determining whether there is a problem and repairing it
       if so are discussed at
     + Fix possible data corruption when pg_upgrade rewrites a relation
       visibility map into 9.6 format (Tom Lane)
       On big-endian machines, bytes of the new visibility map were written in
       the wrong order, leading to a completely incorrect map.  On Windows, the
       old map was read using text mode, leading to incorrect results if the
       map happened to contain consecutive bytes that matched a carriage
       return/line feed sequence.  The latter error would almost always lead to
       a pg_upgrade failure due to the map file appearing to be the wrong
       If you are using a big-endian machine (many non-Intel architectures are
       big-endian) and have used pg_upgrade to upgrade from a pre-9.6 release,
       you should assume that all visibility maps are incorrect and need to be
       regenerated.  It is sufficient to truncate each relation's visibility
       map with contrib/pg_visibility's pg_truncate_visibility_map() function.
       For more information see
 41192c97d945ef52ee745b3129d2062fb282ebcc 3628 postgresql-9.6_9.6.1-1.dsc
 4209970c9aaf91ebb2a3b8a2e359419e5192b4ad 19260568 postgresql-9.6_9.6.1.orig.tar.bz2
 c31da83bbf2f78d31046081df1581fd51ef2eab1 20204 postgresql-9.6_9.6.1-1.debian.tar.xz
 ae82b54cc996e9e738247ccf451966f33fce78e253217e9eb13d10a76f22fc66 3628 postgresql-9.6_9.6.1-1.dsc
 e5101e0a49141fc12a7018c6dad594694d3a3325f5ab71e93e0e51bd94e51fcd 19260568 postgresql-9.6_9.6.1.orig.tar.bz2
 cf0bbde920965762b46f7e8d2b9006b4cd28218476ab09b35afad69282e57cc0 20204 postgresql-9.6_9.6.1-1.debian.tar.xz
 0246b4a1c7178125e81424ce7a1004fb 3628 database optional postgresql-9.6_9.6.1-1.dsc
 92ae6d7cdf18e648b3c22d0aa015565d 19260568 database optional postgresql-9.6_9.6.1.orig.tar.bz2
 6304007a44730a9b5274fec74e3fd2c8 20204 database optional postgresql-9.6_9.6.1-1.debian.tar.xz



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