[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#854997: Just slight but acceptable changes in the expected output

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at canonical.com
Wed Feb 15 10:08:54 UTC 2017

I beg a pardon if that all is trivial to you, I get to this part of
postgres for the first time.

The error around index creation matches the release note changes to index
But the source for this error that we see is actually an expected fail:

-- This will fail. Silence the message as it's different across PG versions.
SET client_min_messages = fatal;
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX CONCURRENTLY idx_badindex_n ON tbl_badindex (n);
SET client_min_messages = warning;

When diving into the diff of result vs expected output I found some issues
on the path used for the tablespace.
I needed to add this in my repro iteration
 $ rm -rf /tmp/pg-repack-tablespace/*

The diff then comes down to:
- whitespace
- the explicit listing of TABLESPACE pg_default in some statements

The output of those two calls has changed:
  repack.repack_indexdef(indexrelid, 'testts1'::regclass, NULL, true)
If there is a value instead of NULL the output did not change.

This argument is defined as
* @param»··tablespace»·Namespace for the index. If NULL keep the original.

In the cases with a tablespace already defined as "foo" the expected output
already lists "TABLESPACE foo" that is why it is not changing.
The cases with NULL had nothing about it before but now get "TABLESPACE
pg_default" which exactly matches the defintion of the argument.

Upstream has several changes like [1] to add more accepted output versions.

I think that it might be ok to integrate a new
pg-repack-1.3.4/regress/expected/tablespace_2.out with the new content.
I'm gonna suggest upstream at pg_repack as well, but I'd be happy to hear
your expertise on it as well.


Christian Ehrhardt
Software Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd
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