[Pkg-postgresql-public] issue setting up postgresql-client-9.6 on stretch

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Wed May 24 17:06:27 UTC 2017

Re: Ernesto Ongaro 2017-05-24 <CANZ+7LNdhCeS3H=C+3Pod0vOKPw_PVS_xKP9QcEuU82_Ndoxkg at mail.gmail.com>
> Using docker images, slimmed down version of debian that doesn't have man
> installed and looks for missing directory. Any idea how to work around?
> Package doesn't depend on man being installed.

Hmm, do you have any idea how the "official" "postgres" packages on
docker hub solve that issue? I thought they were based on our

> update-alternatives: error: error creating symbolic link
> '/usr/share/man/man1/psql.1.gz.dpkg-tmp': No such file or directory

Possibly we just need to ship /usr/share/man/man1 in the package.


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