[Pkg-postgresql-public] Stretch pgpool_setup + pg_md5 path

Dan Thomson dan at astuteinternet.com
Thu Oct 5 19:30:40 UTC 2017

Looks like the same is true for pcp_recovery_node as well as pg_md5.

On 05/10/17 12:23 PM, Dan Thomson wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Though this has a high probability of being addresses, I did see an 
> issue in a the regular Debian Stretch pgpool2 package, so I figure I'd 
> bring it to your attention just in case.
> I was playing with running the pgpool_setup script as I'm just 
> figuring things out, and I noticed that pgpool_setup (a bash script) 
> tries some non-Debian paths when trying to find binaries, but you can 
> set a bunch of environment variables to fix all of these issues, 
> except one: pgpool_setup looks to $PGPOOL_INSTALL_DIR/bin 
> (PGPOOL_INSTALL_DIR being the install path, eg /usr, /usr/local, etc) 
> for a "pg_md5" binary that gets installed in /usr/sbin.
> Both pgpool_setup and pg_md5 exist in the same package, so I'm 
> thinking that either the path for pg_md5 should be changed to /usr/bin 
> or the script should be edited to /usr/sbin as a quick fix.
> Anyway, this obviously easy to deal with on my end, but since this 
> issue seems to exist in the stable Debian package, I thought I'd 
> mention it.


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