[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#877920: Bug#877920: postgresql-common: pg_upgradecluster 9.6 -> 10 fails (locale problem)

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Sat Oct 7 14:40:24 UTC 2017

Re: Karsten Hilbert 2017-10-07 <20171007132123.7eqyzz7455f5xipx at hermes.hilbert.loc>
> 	root at hermes:/usr/share/perl5# pg_upgradecluster 9.6 main
> 	de_DE.UTF-8 / de_DE.UTF-8
> 	Error: could not get cluster locales

Hmm. At least the uninitialized value warning is gone now.

> I also added a print statement:
>     chomp $ctype;
>     chomp $collate;
>     print STDERR "$ctype / $collate\n";
>     return ($ctype, $collate) unless $?;
>     return (undef, undef);
> which produces the 
> 	de_DE.UTF-8 / de_DE.UTF-8

I wonder why $? is non-zero even if the $collate extraction worked.
Can you check if the upgrade works properly if you remove the

     chomp $ctype;
     chomp $collate;
     print STDERR "$ctype / $collate\n";
     return ($ctype, $collate);


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