[Pkg-postgresql-public] bug in the export feature of phpPgAdmin

roger21 roger21 at free.fr
Sat Jan 6 05:20:56 UTC 2018


i can't do a descent bug report but still i'm trying to report that :

the export feature of phpPgAdmin fails since it uses an obsolete 
parameter (-i) for pg_dump as reported by the apache/php error log :

error.log:/usr/lib/postgresql/9.6/bin/pg_dump: invalid option -- 'i'
error.log:Try "pg_dump --help" for more information.

the bug is in the file /usr/share/phppgadmin/dbexport.php :

at line 76 :

$cmd = $exe . " -i";"

must be replaced by :

"$cmd = $exe;"

the -i parameters does not need to be replaced by anything.

the bug is well known, there are even youtube video about the fix ...

the phpPgAdmin development seems discontinued but i hope this could be 
patched since it is so minor.


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