[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#887251: postgresql-common should depend on e2fsprogs explicitly

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Tue Jan 23 09:16:24 UTC 2018

Re: Andreas Henriksson 2018-01-22 <20180122200302.7di4vjwceuazgj7u at fatal.se>
> On Sun, Jan 14, 2018 at 08:09:11PM +0100, Helmut Grohne wrote:
> > Package: postgresql-common
> [...]
> > /usr/bin/pg_createcluster contains chattr. According to file it is a Perl script text executable
> [...]
> For a start I guess it begs to be asked if the users who has
> postgresql-common package installed are likely to ever use the
> pg_createcluster script at all... based on that alone a Depends might
> not be warranted.

postgresql-common is primarily a dependency of the PostgreSQL server
packages, and the server is only useful once pg_createcluster was run
(which happens via the postinst on the first install).

> Looking at the code we'll find the following use of chattr:
>     # disable copy-on-write semantics for PostgreSQL data on btrfs and similar;
>     # this fails on file systems which don't support it, so ignore errors
>     system "chattr +C '$datadir' 2>/dev/null";
> https://sources.debian.org/src/postgresql-common/189/pg_createcluster/#L62
> This doesn't make me feel a dependency is warranted. Possibly a Recommends
> or Suggests. Even just closing this bug report with no action could seem
> like the proper response to me.

Given that a typical install will probably have e2fsprogs installed
anyway, I guess it won't matter much if we chose Recommends or
Suggests here. I'll go with Recommends as that code path is taken for
basically all users, and the result should be predictable.




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