[Pkg-postgresql-public] Bug#911940: "apt-purge postgresql-10" on debian-testing appears to delete the postgresql data directory

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Mon Oct 29 12:40:43 GMT 2018

Re: Geoffrey Ferrari 2018-10-26 <CAAoeO9j+UkJ1eu-O=DU_W=p92sSxnVuyf85e=AHbmPKTAxaK3g at mail.gmail.com>
> Yesterday I ran: sudo apt-purge postgresql-10*
> This appears to have deleted my postgresql-10 data directory in
> /var/lib/postgresql/10...
> Is this expected behaviour? It seems highly undesirable.

Hi Geoffrey,

the difference between "apt remove" and "apt purge" is that the latter
is supposed to remove all traces of the package on the system, so it
works as intended.

As this question keeps popping up from time to time, I'll see if we
can add a debconf question about removing the PGDATA directory on
purge. (Chances are it isn't possible, though.)


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