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Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Tue Aug 23 16:46:55 UTC 2011

(I really should subscribe to pytrainer-devel in order to support my
friend and co-packager and co-runner during Debian events, namely
Noèl...:-))...and also to follow development more closely....in the
meantime, thanks for having CC'ed the pkg-running-devel, which we're
using for the Debian/Ubuntu package maintenance)

Quoting David García Granda (dgranda at gmail.com):
> Hi Noël,
> > I don't want to pester but since 1.8.0 (Okt 2010) the svn has alot of
> > fixes and features which don't reach the user.
> Absolutely true.
> > The version number doesn't matter so much IMHO (thread "Updating version
> > number") but releasing the fine new features.:)
> Don't tell Nathan ;-)
> > We (the pytrainer Debian packager and Ubuntu uses them too) would
> > welcome it.:) http://packages.qa.debian.org/p/pytrainer.html
> >From my side just two issues I would like to fix before releasing 1.9.0:
> - Using "active" activity duration instead total one for calculations
> (ticket https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/pytrainer/ticket/103)

Agreed from my side. This one hurts me quite often for some of my
data...at least if this problem is the one I suspect (total time and
average speed being calculated without dropping the "non active"

For instance, during my daily commute that often involves some
running, I'm doing:
- 3.5km run
- 20km train
- 4km  run

If both runs are recorded in the same activity on my running watch (so
7.5km), Pytrainer ends up assuming that the total activity is 7.5km
*plus* the straight distance between the end point of the first
session and the start point of the second session, so the straight
distance between my train start and stop stations.....and these, I
definitely didn't run them..:-)

I've never seen the other problem mentioned in your mail.

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