[Pkg-running-devel] Bug#652578: [Pytrainer-devel] Bug#652578: Does not always use correct system of measurement

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Tue Dec 20 06:15:06 UTC 2011

Quoting Matt Kraai (kraai at ftbfs.org):
> Package: pytrainer
> Version: 1.9.1-2
> Hi,
> If I configure pytrainer to use U.S customary units
>  * the "Total Asc/Desc" field on the Day, Week, Month, and Year tabs
>    is displayed in meters instead of feet;
>  * the Distance on the Week, Month, and Year graphs is shown in
>    kilometers instead of miles,
>  * and the height on the Athlete tab is shown in centimeters.

Hey Matt (long time so see...:-)),

I think it's worth being recorded in upstream bug tracker and I'll do
that ASAP. Indeed, as upstream development list is subscribed to the
Debian BTS, it is very likely that one of the developers noticed the
issue and might followup at some moment....but, still, let's track
this properly and save life of people who insist on using weird
measurement units..:-)

By the way, I wonder whether it could be possible for pytrainer to use
localization variables (mostly LC_MEASUREMENT) to define a sane
default (with the possibility of overriding it, of course).

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