[Pkg-running-devel] garmin-ant-downloader

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Wed Nov 16 18:56:38 UTC 2011

Quoting Alexander Salomon (alexander.salomon99 at googlemail.com):

> I installed the garmin-ant-downloader from Ubuntu 11.10 and I managed to
> pair the ANT+ Stick with my Forerunner.
> I'm owning a Forerunner FR50 (not a GPS-Device). With some playing around
> the watch get paired and it shows "downloading" but it appears that no
> datas being saved somewhere.
> I wonder if there is a way to get the FR50 (and other models like the 310xp
> or the new 910xp) running with the garmin-ant-downloader.
> Is there any documentation or how to do's availabe?

very very very few...everything is in the package, indeed..:-)

g-a-d has only been tested with GPS-enabled devices so it's really
hard to tell what we can do with your device.

I still have (for months!) to review Tollef Fog Heen's rewrite of such
tools that (according to him) allows browsing the data stored on the
device, through ANT+ communication. Unfortunately, i never found time
for this to happen.

> As this is a rather new package, I didn't find any help anywhere else.
> GPSbabbel and the PYtrainer did not work. I got the reply that no Garmin
> USB device is being found on the USB hub.

I personnaly don't make PyTrainer communicate directly with the
device (ForeRunner 410 in my case). I download data with g-a-d, then
load it into PyTrainer (I don't need GPSBabel).

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