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Michael Olberg michael.olberg at chalmers.se
Wed Nov 7 13:44:24 UTC 2012

On 2012-11-06 13:13, Michael Olberg wrote:
> On 2012-11-06 10:48, Ralf Treinen wrote:
>> I can try to have a look at it. Where can I find the package? It doesn't
>> seem to be in our git repo:
>> % tools/running-git-checkout qtrainer
>> I: cloning remote repository
>> Cloning into 'qtrainer'...
>> fatal: '/git/pkg-running/qtrainer.git' does not appear to be a git
>> repository
>> fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
>> -Ralf.
> Pls give me a couple of days. Christian had a few comments/suggestions
> recently which I would like to implement. After that you will be able to
> retrieve it from my local repository, instructions here:
> http://nain.oso.chalmers.se/oso/ubuntu/README.txt
> (the old version is of course available already)

OK, I now have a new version qtrainer-1.2 at the aforementioned 
repository. Or (if you prefer direct access) download at


This version fixes the following issues:

0. is lintian clean

1. uses QSettings (i.e. file ~/.config/qtrainer/qtrainer.conf on Linux) 
to store the name and location of the sqlite3 database file and where to 
store gmn-files when spawning garmin_save_runs from inside the application.

2. if the config file doesn't exist it will be created with the 
following defaults:



3. if the database file doesn't exist, an empty version of it will be 
created by the application. Package qtrainer still recommends sqlite3 
but can run without it. All that qtrainer depends on is the sqlite 
support in Qt. However, sqlite3 itself is very useful to interactively 
edit your tracks, e.g. when you forgot to stop your watch after your run.

For further details on how to use the program, look at the README file 
which is part of the package.


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