[Pkg-running-devel] Few questions about pytrainer in experimental repository

hemmotohliva at hushmail.com hemmotohliva at hushmail.com
Sun May 19 11:11:57 UTC 2013


I notice the latest version of pytrainer (1.10.1) is in experimental
repository. It seems that the dependencies of that version are the same as in
wheezy. It also seems that no packages in wheezy depends on pytrainer.

So, I have two questions:

1. Would it be safe to install and run this latest (experimental) version in
wheezy? (Although, I guess, the answer might be 'it depends' :-)

2. Will this latest (or any of the following) versions of pytrainer be
backported to wheezy?

The reason I ask: support for .fit files.

So, in addition to the questions above, I'd be glad to hear any advice about
if it could be possible to import Garmin .fit files to wheezy's version of
pytrainer. With some conversion tool, maybe?

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