[Pkg-running-devel] Few questions about pytrainer in experimental repository

Hemmo Tohliva hemmotohliva at hushmail.com
Sun May 19 19:58:53 UTC 2013

>> 1. Would it be safe to install and run this latest 
>(experimental) version in
>> wheezy? (Although, I guess, the answer might be 'it depends' :-)
>Probably OK, yes.
>> 2. Will this latest (or any of the following) versions of 
>pytrainer be
>> backported to wheezy?
>First of all, the package need to be uploaded to unstable, so that 
>enters testing. Your mail reminds me to do so (it was uploaded to
>experimental in order to respect the freeze, in case we'd need to
>upload an update for wheezy during the freeze)
>I'll work on this.
>Then once the package is in testing, nothing theoretically 
>prevents it
>to be built for backports.debian.org , though this has of course 
>priority than the upload of 1.10 in unstable, targeting jessie.

OK, thanks for your kind and comprehensive answer. :-)

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