[Pkg-running-devel] packaging fit2tcx ?

Ralf Treinen treinen at free.fr
Sun Sep 22 19:22:06 UTC 2013


Andreas Diesner, the upstream author of garmin-plugin, tells me :

----- Forwarded message from Andreas Diesner <garminplugin at andreas-diesner.de> -----


I also created a binary fit2tcx, which converts fit files into tcx. It might be
something that people are interested in, since the fit format is not understood
everywhere, while tcx is more common. (I didn't find anything like it in the
Source code: https://github.com/adiesner/Fit2Tcx

Most of the source code is also in my garminplugin (everything except main.cpp)
- so there should not be any more license issues.

I guess there would still be some more work to do, since currently there is no
manual page - and since it is still an early state of the binary, I would also
be able to change the command line parameters (if you have a better suggestion)


----- End forwarded message -----

I'm still only using my old Forerunner 205 which, AFAIK, does not produce
the fit format, so I do not have use for this application. Maybe someone
with a more recent garmin device on this list would be willing to
package that application ?


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