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Kristof Ralovich ralovich-guest at moszumanska.debian.org
Mon Oct 12 19:09:55 UTC 2015

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        at  e3ea6dc   (tag)
   tagging  a91bcf3bf3dae7e6b06600dfe6e27782c2bb30b9 (commit)
  replaces  debian/1.14-1
 tagged by  RALOVICH, Kristof
        on  Mon Oct 12 21:03:51 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
antpm Debian release 1.17-2

Christian Perrier (12):
      Release 1.14-1
      Release 1.14-1
      Merge conflicts
      releasing version 1.15-1
      Uploade 1.16-1
      Resolve conflict
      Release 1.16-2
      Resove conflict
      Release 1.16-3
      Release 1.16-4
      Make this upload a team upload
      Team upload

Kristof Ralovich (3):
      tests: run sm1 under win too
      add missing include
      scipts: refine VS2008 builders

RALOVICH, Kristof (235):
      open for new development
      docs: document release testing
      extend build time dependencies
      make sure this file is treated as utf-8
      SerialUsb.cpp is GPLv2 hard
      tests: tests are under regular GPLv3
      tests: fix typo
      version 1.15
      open for new development
      debian/changelog is utf-8
      Merge tag 'upstream/20140108'
      debian/copyright: further clarification
      update changelog
      ant: try logging MESG_STARTUP_MSG_ID
      more verbose debug
      more verbose debug
      SerialUsb.cpp: more VID/PID pairs to be recognised
      Serial: implement central factory method
      use central factory to create serial interface
      tell apart 32/64 bit linux
      scripts: create snapshot .deb package
      output formatting fixes
      decode: MESG_STARTUP_MSG_ID
      SerialUsb: print only on error path
      remove stale comment
      do skip already downloaded files
      let us not consider EVENT_TRANSFER_TX_START events
      log sent messages too
      create antpm-dbg package too
      Log: make sure current log level threshold is logged
      fix comments
      usb: win and linux have different errno values
      ANT_CloseChannel: accept more responses are success
      catch spurious wakeups of condition variables
      infrastructure to interrupt waiting message listeners
      extra statement
      disable device guessing
      give up restarting sooner
      Quit quicker.
      SerialUsb: reduce verbosity
      AntChannel: bugfix
      build packages with RelWithDebInfo
      cmake: default to Debug build
      move method from header to .cpp
      fix warning about unused variable
      move methods from header to .cpp
      add comment
      log the dtors
      include timstamp in version string
      FIT: omit extra printing
      debug macros
      reduce chattiness in release
      make ANTFS_Disconnect not wait for reply
      SerialUsb: overhaul
      reduce chattiness in release
      reduce chattiness in release
      reduce chattiness in release
      move messy definitions
      AntMessage::str2(): decode MESG_STARTUP_MSG_ID
      log when state machine destructs
      AntFr310XT: stop() is not thread safe, or reentrant
      state machine for GarminIntf
      provide some end user messages
      fold in the GarminIntf states
      cmake: inherit compiler flags
      check return value of strerror_r
      Serial: list linux kernel modules
      downloader: more debugging info
      UNUSED() macro
      gant: fix a bunch of warnings
      SerialUsb: bugfix, what a typo
      fix warnings about unused variables
      use gnu variant of strerror_r
      serial: unify unblocking readBlocking()
      serial: more info to help remote debugging
      add readme file
      usb: remove GPLv2 code
      update copyright info
      Merge branch 'master' of https://code.google.com/p/antpm
      serial: try to actually open a device under win too
      scripts: arch build file
      make lintian happier
      tar README.rst too
      make lintian happier 2
      version 1.16
      open for new developmentopen for new development
      Merge tag 'upstream/20140302'
      debian/copyright: document removal of GPLv2 only code
      debian/changelog: update
      delete files not in orig.tar.gz
      scripts: tool to catch files missing from orig.tar.gz list
      antfs: more work on 405 dialect
      Add patch to fix FTBFS under debian unstable.
      AntFr310XT: allow passing the Serial implementation from the outside
      tests: w-i-p verification of statemachine
      ant: add comments
      tests: fix spurious SIGSEGV
      tests: indent
      ant: better comments
      tests: cover more of message sending
      gant: convert comments to C style
      gant: convert comments to C style
      gant: conversion to c99
      lqueue: handle spurious wakeups
      add comment
      remove unused includes
      gant: untabify, reindent
      lqueue3: add lqueue3_bg
      ant: don't allow running AntMessenger event loop in background thread
      lqueue: implement logic to wait for lqueue3 even loop to finish
      tests: try to fix an other sporadic failure
      travis-ci: fix descriptor
      lqueue: fix c++ protection level
      ant: rename method
      ant: debug comment, for exiting event threads
      travis-ci: commands are not run in subshells
      ant: document state machine teardown
      ant: use nicer constants
      travis-ci: fix typo
      tests: test a few parts of lqueue
      try fixing FTBFS under hurd-i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386
      gant: try fixing FTBFS under hurd-i386
      patch to fix freebsd build
      debian/rules: rename garmin-ant-downloader
      debian/control: let's not build garmin-ant-downloader
      debian/manpages: track rename
      patch to fix Hurd build
      debian: create package with debug symbols too
      debian: update changelog
      Merge tag '1.16-1'
      don't use uint
      don't use NULL
      add missing include
      build fix: VS2012 has proper cstdint
      build fix: VS2012 has proper smart pointers
      cmake: build gant as optional
      VS2012 build script
      vs strftime doesn't recognize %T
      antpm-usbmon2ant: fix crash under win
      str2time: boost did not recognize this format
      tests: str2time still fails under win, but at least not crashes
      make the time conversion a bit more readable/debuggable
      win libusb installer: chmod +x
      debian/rules: move copies under override_dh_install
      update changelog
      it seems like "dh_installman -a" does not make override_dh_installman target
      update changelog
      tests: comment unused code
      travis-ci: hooking up coverity
      travis-ci: fix typo
      tests: fix warning
      travis-ci: build coverity_scan branch too
      travis-ci: new token
      debian/rules: do not call make -j0
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alioth.debian.org/git/pkg-running/antpm
      realize freebsd build compatibility
      debian: patch for kfreebsd builds
      update changelog
      docs: update maintainer notes
      docs: update maintainer notes
      docs: more packaging details
      Merge branch 'master' of https://code.google.com/p/antpm
      debian: link against boost_atomic too
      debian: add patch to fix linking
      update changelog
      cmake: link against boost_atomic too
      debian: libboost-atomic-dev is required
      travis-ci: need libboost-atomic-dev
      travis-ci: refine coverity setup
      travis-ci: add coverity script
      travis-ci: doesn't have libboost-atomic-dev
      travis-ci: coverity update
      docs: fix line endings
      travis-ci: refine coverity setup
      travis-ci: refining coverity
      travis-ci: refining coverity
      travis-ci: refine coverity setup
      travis-ci: refine coverity setup
      really link boost atomic
      update changelog
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-running/antpm
      team upload
      gant: fix two bugs
      Merge branch 'master' of https://code.google.com/p/antpm
      VS2012 build warning fix
      fix more static analysis problems
      initialize members
      linux: look for usb_serial_simple too
      missing access under kfreebsd
      gant: don't use devname for variable
      update changelog, team upload
      tty debugging
      kfreebsd build fixes
      travis-ci: don't run coverity with gcc
      include cstdint
      fix ctor init order warning
      catch a bunch of exceptions
      Revert "include cstdint"
      scripts: database cleaner
      usb: print errno too
      docs: add todo
      tty: add documentation
      tests: satisfy coverity
      gant: replace strcpy with strncpy
      cmake: ignore generated files
      ant: fix uninitialized members
      fit: initialize all members
      exception safety
      exception safety
      tty: call argument only once
      tty: clarify intent
      antpm: exception safety
      gant: check return value
      add tests to tarball
      scripts: update tarball
      serial: clarify intent
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:ralovich/antpm
      reproducible build, team upload
      add ASSURE_EQ_RET_FALSE macro
      ant: relax sanitization of authenticateResponse.authStrLen
      ant: provide insight into values if assumption fails
      antfs: attempt to recognise FR 410 as well
      update readme
      fix typo
      ant: remove dead code
      gant: fix gcc warning
      version 1.17
      Merge tag 'upstream/v1.17'
      these files are not part of orig.tgz
      drop patches merged upstream
      update to Standards-Version 3.9.6
      team upload
      antpm: Fix nbcpu computation on non-linux
      update changelog

jerome-labidurie (2):
      Add "length message" management & dump
      Add Garmin Swim ids

ralovich (2):
      Merge pull request #1 from jerome-labidurie/GarminSwim
      Update README.rst


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